Dental Ceramic Restoration

Everyone wants a nice smile; they want good function and to be free of dental problems. Modern technology now allows us to produce incredible results that were not possible even a short time ago. People who have broken some teeth no longer need to have them removed, they can be restored back better than ever. Implants can be restored to make it look as though a tooth was never lost. In short, people who thought they were condemned to wearing removable dentures can now be restored with fixed restorations.

At the current time, dentistry is changing rapidly from using metal-based restorations to all ceramic restorations. The appearance is greatly improved, the reaction of the gum tissues is superior, and they fit more precisely. These are produced by modern CAD/CAM processes which require complete rethinking of the way that dental restorations are produced. We have that technology and are at the forefront of applying it. Recently, Dr Peter Hunt received a US patent which encourages the production of crowns which are more aesthetic while being much stronger than is currently standard.

All our ceramic substructures are produced by modern digital scan, virtual design and CAD/CAM milling processes. We export our designs to milling centers to produce the final structures in Zirconia, ceramic, plastic, resin composite or titanium. These are Fed Ex'd to us by overnight delivery, so making for a cost effective, fast production, high quality product.
Unlike most dental offices in the US, we have our dental laboratory, right on the premises. Boris Baranov CDT, our technician, works right alongside Dr Peter Hunt. This allows your restorations to be adjusted and customized so that they fit better and appear more natural than ceramics produced by some mass-production, off-site commercial laboratory.