Dental Implants Case Study 1

Danuta was worried because her mouth was "falling to bits". She had lost many of her back teeth and knew that many others were not in good shape. She had lost all the back teeth in her bottom jaw, and the jawbone was continuing to shrink. She wanted and needed a "make-over".

Here is what we did. The bad teeth in the back were removed and allowed to heal. Then dental implants were placed. In the upper jaw this needed some raising of the sinus floor but this could be done at the time of implant placement. Once the implants had integrated, they could be used to support crowns and bridges. These looked very natural and restored back all the function of the missing teeth.The upper front teeth were also looking quite poor and had a bad gum reaction to the old crowns. One tooth, a lateral incisor had to be replaced by an implant.

It was a lot of work, but her alternative was starting to look more and more like removable dentures. Now she feels much more comfortable about smiling. Her mouth looks and feels great.

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