Dental Implants Case Study 3

Andrew came to us from Dublin, Ireland. He's lost a lot of teeth and has been hanging on to his remaining front teeth even though they are in bad shape.

So we did not hang about. In a single session, the remaining teeth in the the upper jaw were removed and replaced by dental implants. Implants were also placed in the rear of the jaw where the teeth had been lost some time before.

Temporary restorations were placed on to the implants immediately so that he was never without fixed teeth. He wore these for several months. When he came back the temporary restorations were extended all the way to the back teeth. Some intermediate work was done so that when he came back the next time the final restorations would be ready.

Andrew was never without fixed teeth. He has avoided a denture. His teeth now appear entirely natural. He can function without any problems. Someday soon he is going to come back and let us do the same with the lower teeth.

Before Treatment [for After Treatment - click here]