The level of professionalism and care of this team is unique, extraordinary, heartwarming and medically reassuring.


Without a doubt, the best surgeon and the best aesthetic prosthodontic work available anywhere. Philadelphia is fortunate to have Dr. Hunt's talent & staff available. I lived in NYC and nobody comes close to Dr. Hunt. I travel to Philadelphia to his practice.

Anonymous, Patient for 12+ years, 4/10/2011

My implanted new molar has me overjoyed. Dr. Hunt gave me the strongest hardware and a precise fit in a process that moved along beautifully. What a pleasure to observe--the exceptional manual skills Dr. Hunt possesses, plus his talented team coordinating with him just as smoothly as could be. All is now done, and my bite feels rock-solid and perfectly natural.


Dr. Hunt is a great dentist. He is kind and patient. He is very skilled. I needed a complicated implant procedure that I was totally dreading, and he made it easy. Dr. Hunt is all about having the latest technology in his practice, so he took all kinds of cool digital scans of my teeth to make sure that everything came out perfectly. Highly recommended!


Great dentist, modern office, great staff


I thoroughly enjoyed my visit.


Dr. Hunt is highly skilled and his staff and office are fantastic. I have complete confidence in everything they do.




Great People


The entire staff was so well suited to a holistic approach. I felt completely at ease.


Very calm and understanding..everything was neat and sterile...they treat their staff with respect.


They always remember me and make me feel important...they gave me a friendly greeting as soon as I walked in.


Dear Dr. Hunt,
Thank you! I was certainly surprised on Friday when you placed the implant so quickly and rather painlessly. Please extend a thank you to Laura for her warm and welcoming greeting and to Silvy for her calm, cool demeanor. She relaxed me and kept me 'calm'. Michael (my son the dentist) raved about you and your team and he was absolutely right.


Dr Peter Hunt is the only dentist I ever met (or even heard of) who was trained in three specialties (perio, prosthetics and oral surgery). His practice is almost entirely implants and he places more in a month than many others place in a year. He's in his sixties so has experience second to none. He lectures about implants around the world.

He handles cases that the surgeons you are considering wouldn't dream of touching. He works quickly and efficiently which minimizes patient discomfort. His results are consistently excellent, even for difficult cases, which makes my life much simpler. And his fees are fair (because he is a fair person).

There are many good reasons why, over the years, I refer more and more of my patients to Dr. Hunt, despite his location (I make it easier by handling follow-up visits in my office when possible). He's a great resource in the Delaware Valley.

Dr. C.F. (a referring dentist)