Our team is very experienced in Dental Implantology

We place and restore a lot of dental implants. We work hard to incorporate the best modern technology that makes implantology more predictable and flow more smoothly. We are one of very few dental facilities with an in-house Dental Laboratory and a full time Dental Technician. Our whole team is very familiar with the digital design and production processes needed to produce SurgicalGuides and the best in modern all-zirconia restorations

Every step along the way is verified by Dr Hunt.

“I think that it is most often an advantage for the dentist who is placing implants to be the dentist who does the extractions. He’ll have a better sense of what the tissue looked like and, if grafting is involved for socket preservation, he uses the grafting material and approach that he prefers.

I couldn’t recommend anyone more highly. Dr. Hunt lectures internationally, and he has been involved in teaching, writing, research and product development. His fees are very fair, he spends a lot of time with his patients, and he is a really nice guy. Calling his office to arrange for a consultation would be a very good idea.”

Information recently supplied to a potential patient by a referring Doctor.

Dr Peter Hunt is a well recognized leader in the field of Dental Implantology. A fourth generation dentist trained in Great Britain, he came to the US on an Annenberg Fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania where he obtained Post Graduate certificates in Periodontics and Periodontal Prosthesis.

Later, he became Director of Continuing Education at Penn Dental and Clinical Professor of Periodontics. Later still, he became Professor of Restorative Dentistry and Director of Implantology at Nova SE University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Dr Hunt has provided numerous Continuing Education programs on Implantology across the US and Canada and has spoken widely at implantology meetings in Europe and the Far East. He is the Editor of an on-line Continuing Education website for dental professionals, provides Education Programs for dentists and hands-on training programs in Implantology for local dentists.

“You are an amazing doctor, great human being and a fine gentleman, a caring and generous professional.

Your quiet confidence and compassion completely changed my dental experience ……

Thank you very much for being here for me!“

Thank you note from a referring dentist who became a patient this last year.

Dr Hunt has placed and restored thousands of implants. Many dentists refer patients to him for implant placement and several of his patients are dentists.

Patient Reviews

Without a doubt, the best surgeon and the best aesthetic prosthodontic work available anywhere. Philadelphia is fortunate to have Dr. Hunt’s talent & staff available. I lived in NYC and nobody comes close to Dr. Hunt. I travel to Philadelphia to his practice.

Anonymous, Patient for 12+ years, 4/10/2011

My implanted new molar has me overjoyed. Dr. Hunt gave me the strongest hardware and a precise fit in a process that moved along beautifully. What a pleasure to observe–the exceptional manual skills Dr. Hunt possesses, plus his talented team coordinating with him just as smoothly as could be. All is now done, and my bite feels rock-solid and perfectly natural.


Dr. Hunt is a great dentist. He is kind and patient. He is very skilled. I needed a complicated implant procedure that I was totally dreading, and he made it easy. Dr. Hunt is all about having the latest technology in his practice, so he took all kinds of cool digital scans of my teeth to make sure that everything came out perfectly. Highly recommended!


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