How long does it take?

Every case starts with assessing the individual situation for each patient and preparing a Treatment Plan and providing a cost estimate. It involves taking various forms of radiographs, often some photographs and digital scans to generate models of your dentition. In most cases, some time is needed for merging radiographs with intra-oral scans, 3D printing of models, development of Surgical Guides and preparing Provisional restorations. This used to take a considerable amount of time, but our digital capability and modern technology has greatly shortened down the waiting period.

Surgical placement of the implant(s) is often combined with removal of hopeless teeth and regeneration of the residual ridge in the region which may require hard and soft tissue grafting. Time is then needed for healing and for Osseo-integration of the implants(s) to the bone. It’s critical to avoid over-loading and micro-motion of the implants during this time as this can cause the implants to fail.

Generally about 3-4 months is required before full loading of the implants can start. This is usually provided with Provisional Restorations. These also allow for testing out the form and function of the restorations. When everything is stable, aesthetic and functional the final restorations can be provided. The materials for these are stronger, more aesthetic and more durable than for Provisional Restorations.

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