Why do people seek dental implants ?

People can lose teeth for many reasons

  • Advanced dental decay
  • Loss of periodontal support
  • Tooth Fracture
  • Failed root canal therapy

Teeth can often be “patched up” and be made to last a little bit longer, but often the solution can be quite short-term

There comes a time when it’s better and more secure to have a more definitive, stable and functional long-term solution

Dental Implants do not decay and they are anchored directly into the jawbone, so the adjacent teeth are not affected. They are stable and can support a variety of restorative options. Although a more expensive option, their longevity, security and comfort make this the most cost effective option over the long-term

Of course, it’s necessary to maintain and look after dental implants. Care has to be taken when implants are placed to ensure they are not overloaded in the first few weeks and months, as this can break their “osseo-integration” to the bone. While they do not decay, it is important to clean about them thoroughly because implants can be affected by infections in the gum tissues surrounding them.

Restorations supported on dental implants are subject to normal wear and tear, and may in time need to be replaced. But this does not mean that the implant needs to be replaced, just that the structures supported on the implants need to be changed. The implant serves as the foundation.