Our Team Members

We have a great team of highly trained, experienced and motivated people.


Front Office Manager

Let’s start with the person that you are most likely to meet when you first come into the office, Ella, our Office Manager, has worked with us for many years. She came here as a refugee from Estonia, where she had been a Civil Engineer. Her english was limited at first, so she started helping with instruments and room preparation.

She then moved to chairside assisting and then to Front Desk work.

So she knows and understands what is needed to keep things running in each section of the office. If you have any questions then Ella is the person to call.


Clinical Co-Ordinator

Kate has worked as a Dental Assistant for many years in many different dental offices, some large, some small. She has worked at the Front Desk as well as at Chairside.

She has quickly picked up our techniques and procedures and has a great sense of calm and confidence which patients sense and are quickly reassured by.

She is the primary Digital Scan person in the office both for Radiography and Intra-Oral Scanning. She manages the clinical environment and makes sure things are running smoothly with the laboratory flow and the Front Desk.


Dental Technician

These days much of his time is spent on a computer. He uploads the Intra-Oral Scans from the clinic into his work station where he is able to design and virtually fabricate various dental restorations.

Once designed these can be “exported” on-line to various different production centers in the United States. These get milled and finished in facilities with large-scale industrial milling machines

The work then comes back to Boris and he finally conforms and characterizes the restoration(s) ready for final insertion in the mouth.